Clearwater, British Columbia, Canada 9/9 - 9/11

Continuing south on Rte 5 (Yellowhead Hwy) from Jasper, we soon "picked up" glacial, milky-turquoise-blue North Thompson River and traveled beside it all the way to the town of Clearwater. Really an outstanding 200-mile (approx) drive between snow-capped mountain ranges, velvety-looking meadows and that untamed river, with nary a single boat in it. We were ready to quit for the day when we got to Clearwater and the North Thompson River Campground. And when we pulled into a great site overlooking the water, we said, perfect, park it! As we got out to explore, we realized we were at the confluence of the Clearwater River and the Thompson. You can see the difference in the first photo below -- from our campsite, the milky Thompson is on the far side, with the Clearwater abutting it. The wide water closest to the camera lens is just a Clearwater slough. It'll prob take the two rivers a half mile or so to merge their waters into one "color."


In the picture below, I'm looking out (with binocs) on nearby Raft River, hardly more than a stream. We'd been told at the Visitor Centre that Sockeye salmon (the big bright-red ones) were coming in to spawn and we might be able to see them from a viewing platform. Well, that was something we did NOT want to miss and, by gum, we didn't! That shallow stream was alive with hundreds of salmon, all moving and jumping and swimming and spawning. Truly an awesome sight. 

The next two photos are close-ups of just a little of the action we saw. I bet we spent an hour or better watching the fish. Wish we could've brought a couple home for dinner....


Clearwater had a lot going on the Saturday we were there, including a farmer's market (bought apples and squash), and the local Elks Lodge was hosting their Saturday breakfast in the adjacent lot. 

At the market, the kid standing next to the pony's head was giving pony rides, but the kid was a good sport when I asked if I could take a picture of Jimmy sitting in the cart!  No ride, though!

We seldom eat breakfast out, but - what the heck - we were supporting a worthy cause and, why not? We cleaned our plates, too!

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