LePage C/G (Columbia River), Oregon 9/20 - 9/23/11

We moved to LePage Campground, another COE (Corps of Engineers) C/G, located at the confluence of the John Day and Columbia Rivers. Lots of fishing going on here, lots of boats in the rivers! We are approx 115 mi east of Portland OR and only about 30 mi east of The Dalles OR. The last time we had our mail forwarded was in Livingston MT a long time ago, so we picked The Dalles as our mail drop. Spent the better part of a day in this nice city getting mail, going to the bank, laundry, groceries -- the necessities. We also visited the library to use their wifi. LePage is "in a hole" and we have no phone or wifi signal and no television. In fact, not much here! Except possibly serenity!

Our C/G is located in the dark green patch, center of photo where the river disappears.



Tho't we'd ride our bikes on the "ranch" road above the C/G, but we were disappointed after huffing and puffing our way up -- there was nothing to see except more of the same. We got off the bikes and walked on the dirt track for a while ... finally turning around at a locked gate and eventually rode like mad down the hill. Not much to the ride, but not every one is exciting.


Tergel is the RV visible on the right.

 Mt. Hood stands proudly in front of us on I-84. A sight to see!

We were able to accomplish quite a few things while parked at this campground -- Jimmy cleaned the outside of Tergel and Smartie (and whoa-boy, they needed it), so they look almost brand new. We didn't do any fishing, but in between doing "stuff," we read and plain ol' relaxed!

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  1. Wow, beautiful shot of Mt. Hood. Bet it was breathtaking to see through the Tergel's huge windshield.


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