Whoever has heard of Stub Stewart St Pk in Oregon?

Well, not many, I'm sure. This C/G is in Buxton, 11 miles south of Vernonia. Still not much help, is it? It's located in the NW corner of Oregon. Very nice park, nearly empty at this time of yr. We picked this place because of it's close proximity to Banks-Vernonia State Bike Trail, 21 miles (one way) of paved path thru forest and farmland. And Stub Stewart C/G is situated between Banks and Vernonia. We decided to break it up and pedal north to Vernonia on Tuesday 9/27, and south to Banks the next day. So, altogether, we rode 47 miles - the extra miles allow for exploring in the towns. Usually Rails-to-Trails bike paths are relatively flat, but this one wasn't. We pedaled uphill forever both days (ugh - slowly); when we turned around, tho, we flew down hill in a blink of an eye - prob averaged 15 mph for roughly five miles. Awesome! (First you have to pay the price.)

Tuesday started out kind of poopy with light rain, chilly temps and lots of clouds. We waited till the rain stopped and then took off. Our bikes and our clothes were covered with tiny needles from the conifers, kicked up from our tires on the wet trail. Perhaps because of the overcast, cool day, we met very few people on the trail. By the same token, the crisp, fresh air invigorated us... and we loved the clean, Christmas-like scent to the air... like being in an outdoor cathedral. In Vernonia, we stopped at a coffee shop to enjoy a cuppa and get warm. They had great soft rock music there too. Nice break.

This banana slug ain't pretty, but it was big! The old Fuel House - now roofless and with trees and ferns (and artistic graffiti but no litter) - of the Oregon-American Mill, which operated from the mid-1920's to 1957. Weird bldg now!

At the coffee shop! The Chinook are running here on Rock Creek. Jimmy near Vernonia on the trail.

In the forested section of the trail. Riding downhill in the reverse direction made me crazy with the strobe light effect from the sun/shade on the pavement.

Where the bike trail crosses Stub Stewart St Pk. And - lordy - this is a 5-qt container brimming with apples we picked along the Vernonia trail - no wonder that last uphill was so tough - we were each weighted down with 5-10 lbs of apples in our bags! We're always picking goodies!

Wednesday was a sunny, clear day - fine day to ride once the temperature rose to 50F. Lovely ride, no apples today, but inveterate pickers as we seem to be - we collected another four cups of blackberries. Yum - Life Is Good!


  1. We have, we have! Heard of Stub Steward, that is! Great park, isn't it? Since we don't have bikes, we walked the trail - very enjoyable. You do seem to find food just about everywhere you go!

  2. She finds not only food, but money. Count it up - whats your loot found out on the trails this trip out?

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Aw gee, Rob, you give me too much credit! (Answer: not much loot)

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