9/29/11 -- "Not a bad way to end September"...

... as my nephew, Jon Nykvist, said in a caption for a facebook photo he posted on 9/29/11. Though he and his wife, Lauren, were on the opposite side of the country (Nantucket Island) from Astoria, Oregon, we concur! Astoria (46 degrees N) is more northerly in latitude than Nantucket (41 degrees N), but both being on oceans makes for fine, temperate autumn days. We try to make the most of these halcyon times!

Mouth open! A wave came up higher than I expected and took my breath away! (water wasn't too warm). Jimmy (mouth closed) watching a flock of gulls circling overhead!

The remains of the barque sailing vessel, "Peter Iredale," wrecked in 1906 off Clatsop Spit. No casualties. And the last picture is of a squadron of brown pelicans flying off the South Jetty.

Ft. Stevens St Pk, where we're camped, is located at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River where it drains into the Pacific Ocean -- where the Lewis & Clark expedition, known as the Corps of Discovery, finally ended. "Ocian in view! O! the joy." wrote Capt. William Clark in his journal on Nov 7, 1805. By then they had traveled over 4,000 miles across the North American continent with a contingent of 31 explorers. Jimmy and I have traveled much of the same route, tho our comforts in a motor home are many whereas theirs were few. We have enjoyed every mile and every milestone. And, finally, we too are grateful to see this important site and share a part of their history.

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