More Astoria... Sat/Sun, Oct 1st and 2nd

Well, we like this town! It's a neat place with lots of things to do. The weather, however, is a drawback. Our Saturday bike ride to the various Fort Stevens Batteries, etc., was cut short by a persistent drizzle, which began to look suspiciously like real rain. Before we hightailed it back to our cozy Tergel, we managed to bike to the historic sites, and we learned some things we didn't know: the fort served for 84 years - beginning with the Civil War and closing with the end of WWII - and in June 1942, a Japanese sub fired 17 shells at the fort, making it the only military installation in the continental US to receive hostile fire during WWII. (We know so little!) We parked our bikes and walked the grounds, eventually giving it up, returning to Tergel and the wonderful pot roast aroma emanating from the slow cooker!

Sunday was overcast, but no rain! We were ready for the Sunday Market, and we got in under the wire... the market closes Oct 9th for the year. Lots of vendors and lots of people buying Northwest-grown produce and crafts. As usual, we stocked up with fresh veggies (not all of them are in the photo), and maybe something for the sweet tooth later...! We had cold packs and an insulated bag ready and dropped our stuff off in Smartie so we could check out the streets. Found an unusual Vintage Hardware located in the old John Jacob Astor Hotel. Big place and FULL. We didn't buy a thing, but we had a good time looking at all the stuff we don't need!

Next up was the Columbia River Maritime Museum, a real gem, if you like looking at anything marine. The modern glass bldg houses extensive exhibits and collections of nautical artifacts, from loooong ago up to the present, inc the dramatic 44 ft Coast Guard motor lifeboat that's demonstrating just how far it can go (32 degrees) up on a wave without rolling. Imagine! Takes guts to be in the Coast Guard! (A strong stomach, too?) The brightly colored photo showcases many canned fish labels used by canneries in Astoria.

Here's Jimmy at an interactive exhibit, steering a boat (I think). And this shot of Jimmy and a salmon he wishes he'd caught. The sign has Top 10 Things to bring good luck (or prevent bad luck) when fishing. #7 is: Never cook pea soup on board a fishing boat; it brings stormy weather. (Like who would!) And there are nine other sayings just as good as this one.... So, by the time we left the museum and returned to The Ship Inn for a delicious bowl of chowder, the afternoon was nearly AND well spent. We went "home" to do a few chores - we leave Astoria and Ft Stevens C/G tomorrow. Oh, and after dinner, a light rain commenced falling....

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