More Newport cont'd, Saturday, Oct 8th, 2011

This was one of those days we pack as much in as we can and pretty much love every minute. Lucky us to start our day with Newport's farmer's mkt. I guess we're beginning to sound like a broken record, but we do enjoy farmer's markets, with all the fresh, lovely produce, eggs, and other good things (see below). This wk we also bought a bouquet of statice (dried flowers) and Fair Trade coffee. I used to pick statice years ago in Laguna Beach ... the flowers last so long they get dusty and THEN you throw 'em away! Of course it started drizzling while we split a MOST delicious - straight outa the oven - hazelnut sticky bun. We visited with some interesting folk up from San Diego. They were finishing a raspberry muffin, so we chatted and chewed and wiped tiny drops off our faces. The drizzle lasted about as long as the sticky bun!

After we put our "groceries" away, we hopped on our bikes for a ride to the South Jetty where we watched people snorkel in the Yaquina River before it dumps into the Ocean, fish for salmon off the jetty, boats going out, some coming in, sea birds (surf scoters, loons and cormorants), and one cute harbor seal sitting by itself on a rock in the river, looking like it had lost its best friend! Lots of activity on the jetty!

After our bike ride, we drove to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse above, with its Outstanding Natural Area. We toured the area two yrs ago in late spring and were happy to return. Of course we climbed the circular staircase to the lens (110 stairs) where we spotted gray whales spouting off the coast. When we were here last time, thousands of common murres and cormorants called the offshore rocks "home." This year we saw hundreds and hundreds of brown pelicans (with many juveniles) atop the rocks. Nothing stays the same in nature.

We walked down Cobble Beach Stairway - many steps - to the tide pools ... and with the tide out, scores of creatures were visible, inc sea stars, green anemones, spiny sea urchins, tiny rock fish, tons o' mussels, and so on. Harbor seals were splayed out on the outlying rocks and raucous gulls were everywhere. We poked and played in the tide pools for a long time. Hunger drove us back to Tergel and when the dishes were done and we were in our "lounge clothes" (read: jammies), the patter of light rain began ... again! Never mind -- we had a wonderful day. Newport is a great town to visit.

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  1. Great photo of you two. Also love the unique tide pool photo.


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