And in between, we went for a bike ride...

... on the smooth, paved Huntington Beach path. From Sunset Beach to Balboa Island, this path hugs the shoreline. We put in a 16-miler R/T on the 16th, esp enjoyed the going (with the wind) part to Balboa, and were ready for the ride to be finished on the return as the strong offshore wind in our faces got tiresome. Ah well, we enjoy riding and just keep pedaling when we get tired. Besides, we liked looking at all the neat homes fronting the bike trail on the beach. We critiqued many of them, but allowed as how we'd take any of 'em if someone gave it to us. Hey, it wouldn't be too tough to have a home on the beach!

Newport Beach pier, with surfers waiting for the big one. There's a surfer on his way to the water behind Jimmy!

We ate our sandwiches at the Balboa Pier park. The rattle of sandwich bags is a definite bird magnet. Jimmy managed to get his down w/o a problem. Slowpoke me showed the last bit of my sandwich to a pigeon and within 20 seconds I had a flock surround me, walking on me and trying to peck bites of bread. See the gull on the grass (far right) in the first photo? While I was trying to shoo the pigeons, that gull flew in under the radar using its stealth mode and stole the whole thing! Next photo shows the pigeons scratching their heads, so to speak, over the sandwich disappearance. Duh, where'd it go? Too funny. They were real beggars. Made you think they hadn't eaten in a week, when we saw someone across the way feeding the flock moments before. Ha ha. We escaped on our bikes!

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  1. Wow - real close proximity to the flying critters. Hope you don't catch the bird flew. Hehehe.


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