Oct 31st - Hilo, Hawaii

Happy Halloween!  Hilo Day!  We were up REALLY early -- way before dawn.  When I looked out on the balcony, I immediately saw a shooting star. Watching the sky lighten minute by minute, the Big Island silhouette soon showed on the horizon.  We went on deck to watch Hilo hove into view, with clouds and rainstorms all around us -- just fascinating.  Princess docked about 9 am and Jimmy and I were first in line to disembark.  We took the shuttle to Hilo Hatties so we could buy sunscreen!  Pretty danged warm!

Our Welcome-to-Hilo show boat! 

We walked around this pretty island in the Bay.

Then we rode the city bus to Liliuokalani Gardens, an ocean park near our ship, strolling as we oohed and aahed over these exquisite botanical gardens.

A gathering of Hawaiian Zebra doves.

Getting ready to hit the water.

After a quick lunch back aboard our Princess, Jimmy and I queued up for our kayak excursion on Hilo Bay.  We paddled (tandem) across the windy, choppy bay into a river to Wailuku Falls.  Though we spotted two green sea turtles, the water wasn't pretty like we tho't it would be.  A highlight was to paddle under the falls, but we got drenched (I failed at paddling us under the waterfalls) as we went under it, and the paddle back wasn’t fun at all (exhausting) with the wind against us. A 3-mile R/T effort, we placed it 4 in a scale of 1 to10.

Holidays aboard ship are kinda fun as the crew decorates every nook and cranny.  

Spooky restaurant decoration!

Gosh it would've been grand to see more of the Big Island, but not to be on this trip.  Back on ship, we showered and got ready for dinner.  While we were eating, the ship set sail for Oahu, and we could certainly feel it.  Jimmy and I were tired as can be, but we wanted to listen to the "Tribute Act" -- Walk Like a Man, so we bestirred ourselves to the show.  Enjoyed it!

We fell into bed, and slept like well-fed babies.

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  1. Sorry to hear that the yaking trip was more work than fun.


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