Oh boy - Disneyland three times in one week!

Jimmy wore his Hawaii shirt the first day. Did this cactus grow ears on its own or did Disney sculpt those ears?

Woody is made completely of Lego's. Ferris wheel lights... doubled!

Disney's awesome World of Color in California Adventure - 30 minutes of water, color and sound.

Jimmy, me, and Matt in front of Disney's giant Christmas tree. Me and Matt with our woodsy friends: Chip 'n Dale.

We left our Ventura buddies and drove Tergel south on the Ventura Freeway (101) and the Santa Ana Freeway (5) to "camp" at an RV park in Anaheim from Sunday the 13th to Sunday the 20th. First thing we did after getting set up was enjoy a wonderful dinner with friends, Lyn & Alan at their home in Santa Ana. The persimmons on her tree were ripe, so she saved me a "few" - ok, well how about a dozen or more? Thanks, Lynnie! Hope your trip to FL is smooth.

Then, of course, we planned to visit Disneyland, which we did three days; Matt joined us the last time (Friday). We rode as many rides as we could, screamed like girls on the thrill rides, and ate at Rain Forest Cafe, House of Blues and Tortilla Joe's on three different nites in Downtown Disney. Jimmy and I stayed to watch the new World of Color presentation Tuesday evening, and it was well worth our staying late. Quite a coordinated display of water effects, light and sound - 30 minutes worth, which went by in a flash! Friday's weather was cloudy and cool and we were happy to wear our jackets. We put some miles on our shoes, esp on Friday and the three of us were glad to get off our feet when we got back to the RV at 7 pm/ish.

And every evening, about 7:30 during the week and 8:30 on weekends, we get to HEAR and see the fireworks from our RV. Beautiful fireworks, the best we've seen. Lucky us!

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  1. Only true dizzy people would look for hidden ears. Great colors in da photos. Thumbs up to the dizzy world of color presentation engineers.


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