The Island of Maui - Nov 2011

Thursday, Nov. 3rd - Lahaina day! Maui is Hawaii's 2nd largest island. Our ship anchored off the coast @ 7 am, and we were tendered ashore. We’d arranged a rental car again as we weren’t thrilled with any Princess excursions. Jimmy picked up a ho-hum Nissan and we drove north along the coast, unsure of exactly where to go or what we wanted to do. 

Maui’s famous landmark, Haleakala volcano, towers 10,032’ above sea level and it’s usually covered in clouds as it was this day.  However, we’re drawn to the turquoise-blue water and Maui beaches. We drove to beautiful Honolua Bay where we watched snorkelers swimming with spinner dolphins, so that’s what we decided to do. Found a dive shop that rented snorkel gear and eased into the water at Ka’anapali Beach, just north of Lahaina. Immediately entered a wonderland of multi-colored coral and colorful tropical fishies, huge sea urchins, an eel or two, and octopus; in deeper water than our last snorkel on Kauai.  Fantastic! Prob spent an hour cruising in the water, faces glued to the beauty below. 

We changed out of wet bathing suits in the car and drove south toward Wailea, admiring beaches and water. Land on this side looks dry, but we don’t have time to drive inland to the volcano. This is another island we could spend a bunch more time at. We got caught in traffic again on the way back to our ship (she looks IMPRESSIVE sitting out there at her mooring!), but turned in the car @ 4ish and were shuttled back to the tender and our ship. Our ship weighed anchor around 6pm, marking the end of our 4-island adventure. Sure has been fun. Passed the Tropic of Cancer @ 7 pm and are now headed north-easterly towards Ensenada, Mexico. 

Golden Princess anchored offshore

The Golden Princess taken about five+ miles away (note SUP in foreground).

View of a Lahaina marina.

Catamaran full of lucky snorkelers at Honolua Bay.  Great idea!

Another marvelous double rainbow as we departed Maui.

We were in bed early, as the ship pitched in the turbulent ocean and we slept like contented babies.  But first ... it's time to reverse the process: Set clock forward one hour before sleeping

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