Some people go to Rodeo Drive; others play in the "Valley"

You've heard the song, "It never rains in California/But girl, don't they warn ya/It pours, man it pours." Tis true. We moved our motor home to Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley on Sunday - in the rain. We did all right and even shopped for groceries afterwards - in the rain.

The next day (Monday) was one of those after-the-rain, crisp and clear and cool fall days, which we deemed perfect for a bike ride. The RV Park where we're staying for the week is close to the huge Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area, home to bike trails, golf courses, Lake Balboa, a nature reserve, Japanese Garden (closed) and so on. Great for riding.

Yes, SoCal does, indeed, sport pretty fall colors! Jimmy and I hardly ever eat at fast food joints, but here in California, we will occasionally pig out at In-N-Out Burger. As you can see, we enjoyed a fine repast today... calories we'll burn off on the rest of the bike ride. (we hope)

After riding all around the rec area (even saw a coyote trotting down a path in the nature reserve), we rode to the north end of Van Nuys Airport to see the old WWII fighter planes of the Condor Squadron that our RV host had told us about. It wasn't hard to find the airport, but it wasn't easy to find the entrance. We made a couple of wrong turns and eventually discovered we had to ride all the way down to the south end. Only dumb luck and perseverance brought us to the right place with the locked gate ajar and a couple of guys inside who said, (in response to my opening line: "We've ridden all over Hell's Half Acre to see these planes,") -- "Well, here they are. Have at it!"

We were given a personalized tour and even met 87-yr-old Rudy at his plane "Miss Constance 1944" seen in above photo. Rudy named the plane for his wife whom he married in 1944. A very gracious and energetic man who still flies the plane, he seemed genuinely pleased that we'd ridden our bikes to see the planes (and he loved my Biker Chick shirt). This man served in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam and I can promise you, he could tell some stories! I also wanted a picture of Jimmy because of the 1944 significance. (think birthdays)

So, after about 20 miles of pedaling around "The Valley," we rode back to Tergel, happy as pigs in mud about our day's choice. Never mind about Rodeo Drive, we had a blast.

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  1. I love your biker chick shirt too!


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