Time to wrap it up ... last days aboard the Golden Princess

11/04 Friday --- At Sea. Enjoyed a room-service breakfast... and our balcony – watching flying fish skedaddle from the ship waves… and still seeing rainbows! Lazy day; watched part of movie “Hawaii” on TV! No walking today; wind is Force 7 (near gale) and ship is “on the move.” Water temp is down to 77° and rain showers dot the horizon. Simple lunch at poolside. Jimmy read inside on the Sky Deck and I finished my book outside in sun. No swimming today either. We napped. Got all tidied up again for another formal night. After dinner we enjoyed the production show “Caliente” in the Princess Theater. Guess we’re playing catch-up from four days of constant activity and are winding down. We were in bed 10ish and slept soundly till 7 the next morning.

Desserts, that's what I'm talking about!!

11/05 Saturday --- At Sea. Coffee in the room is the way to go! We’re on the windward side now and it’s cooler. @ 10, I went to hear Rachel speak about whales and rays. Sky is P/C and the wind is up. Can’t walk all the way around the deck – too windy forward – so I walked ¾ of Sky Deck and then doubled back. (Jimmy didn’t want to walk today.) Played Yahtzee for a while in the sheltered part of Lido Deck till time for Jimmy to watch the LSU/Alabama game on the big screen. Arranged to meet w/ Diane and Tim for dinner at the Bernini restaurant, and the Maitre d’hotel got us a great table for four – spent three hours eating and visiting! Very nice. Watched the Source Code on TV in the room. Water temp down to 74.3. Too windy on our balcony to sit out or leave the balcony door open at night, but we can still hear the waves. Again: Set clock forward one hour before sleeping! Last time change this trip!

11/06 Sunday --- At Sea, and the days are flying past! Losing another hour is tough. Breakfast in the room, followed by our usual windy walk around the Promenade (7) deck. Rachel had her last talk @ 10 am. Jimmy read. Lunch was fish and chips in the Crown Grill. Watching the wave action in the pools is entertaining – like seeing tsunami’s! No pool time anymore. More "killer" Yahtzee on the Lido deck. After dinner we went to the Princess Theater for comedian and impressionist Jason Neistadt, who was hilarious. Seas are “moderate” today and winds vary from “strong breeze” to “near gale” – and the port side where our cabin is, is really windy. Walking on decks today was, uh, interesting, as in everyone moved like drunken sailors! Makes for fun sleeping…!

11/07 Monday --- At Sea. Life is good: Woke up to see a rainbow outside the balcony! Another relaxing day at sea; breakfast in the room, followed by our usual windy walk on the Promenade deck. Caught the cooking show@ 10:30 and bought a book; naturalist Rachel had a trivia quiz and video @ 11:15. Amazing how many steps we take daily, how many up and down the stairs… from Deck 5 to Deck 15. Lunch today was Panini and chicken and Waldorf salad at International Café. Jimmy read after and I worked on the computer, followed by another Yahtzee get-together in a sheltered cove. Seas are down to “slight” again and winds “strong breeze,” but we’re still rockin’ and rollin’ on board! Got all gussied up for our last formal dinner. Tonite’s menu: All the lobster you can eat… best we could do was one each (sigh!). Delicious. Baked Alaska (on parade!) for dessert. We retired to watch “The Help” on our room TV. Nice day. We’re in jeans and jackets now. Water temp down to 69.3.

11/08 - Tuesday --- At Sea. Another relaxing and oh-so-nice day. Sunny. Saw our first ship on the horizon off to the north, and sea gulls shortly thereafter, so land can't be too far. Spotted the Mexican coast shortly after lunch. The ship docked at Ensenada, Mexico (below) @ 4 pm for a few hours and some people disembarked, but not us. Listening to the sea lions barking was kinda entertaining! We packed up our stuff as we have to leave this marvelous cruise early tomorrow morning (boo-hoo!). After dinner, the ship set sail for Los Angeles, while we watched a fantastical production show, "British Invasion," in the Princess Theater. Peaceful waters now, light wind, big fat moon shining thru the window....

Back in the warm sun!

This cute li'l bird flew in from somewhere, landed on our balcony railing, and rested there for a few minutes.

11/09 - Wednesday --- Los Angeles! We awoke at 5 am to see the moon set and watch our entrance to the harbor - a pretty scene. We disembarked our Golden Princess at 7:30 am and took the Super Shuttle to Matt's. No problems, which was nice. Had a bite to eat with him and then we drove Smartie to Ventura where we we'll hook up with our Tergel again... and we'll stay there for a few days.

Gorgeous moon setting as we entered Los Angeles Harbor on Nov. 9th.

We traveled round trip 5,007 Nautical Miles (5,785 Statue Miles) on our Hawaiian trip! On a scale of one to ten, we'd rate this 14-day cruise to Hawaii as a... well, about as good as it could get. A GREAT BIG TEN!
And, we put down a deposit for a future cruise!

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