Tuesday, 11/01/11 -- Oahu Island

Oh, yay!  Our next island:  Oahu -- we were up early, of course, and excited to be coming into Honolulu! 

A fine "welcome-to-Honolulu" greeting!

As soon as we could disembark, we did ... beneath a gorgeous, full, double rainbow framing the ship! (and then a few raindrops began to fall, but nothing significant)  This is a great place to dock, right in the city at Aloha Tower, as opposed to disembarking in industrial Hilo.  We'd arranged to rent a car (picked up a swell red Jeep) and, with only this one day to explore Oahu, we struck off on our own on Hwys H-1 and H-2, heading north.

 The Golden Princess docked next to this Aloha Tower.

Jimmy on the Dole patio (just after a rain shower).

Our first stop was at Dole Plantation Pavilion (didn't buy anything), but we enjoyed poking around in their stuff and walking about their gardens. Amazed is the proper word to describe our reaction to passing acre upon acre of planted pineapples, but this IS Hawaii, after all, where pineapples come from. Loved traveling in and out of rain showers and rainbows.

At Waialua, we stopped at the Historic Waialua Sugar Mill, now a coffee and chocolate market. They grow, dry and roast their own coffee beans (and cacao for chocolate). Naturally, we bought coffee. (Rained hard while we were inside.) 

Continuing on, we drove to the western most end of Hawaii's famous North Shore – Ka’ena Point – where the wild blue Pacific, with great noisy breakers on one side, meets towering green-clad lava cliffs on the other. Quite a sight! (below)  The beach is a mixture of sand/pumice ... off came our sandals.  We climbed down onto the sand and stuck our feet in the clear, warm water (82.4°). Ah, I came close to getting soaked, too.  Right away we picked up lots of sea glass.

Ka'ena Point.

Toes in the water at Ka'ena Point on North Shore.

Back in the nifty red Jeep, we drove along the spectacular north coast, to the Bonzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach where big bad surfers reign supreme (below).  We picked up yummy shrimp lunches along the way. 

Further east, we stopped at Kualoa State Park for views of Chinaman's Hat (below) -- a conical island in Kaneoha Bay thought to resemble the hats worn by 19th century Chinese farm workers. I took plenty of pictures!

New birds to see:  Red-crested Cardinals (above) and Mynah birds, and they were everywhere!

We didn't want to, but it was time to head back to Honolulu.  The day just isn't long enough for touring an entire island!  Though I wanted to see Waikiki and even possibly Diamond Head, we got caught in a going-home-from-work traffic jam on Ala Moana Blvd that was really tough to get out of.  No big deal, I guess, to see more overdone hotel resorts anyway! No, we didn't visit the Arizona Memorial, either, but we had such an excellent day! We managed to return the Jeep and were back aboard the ship by 5ish! Showered, ate dinner, and fell into bed!  Sometime close to 11 pm, while Jimmy and I were snoring, the ship cast off her mooring lines and made for Nawiliwili, on the Island of Kaua'i.  We'll be there in the morning.

O boy - another new island adventure!


  1. Wow! Great photo of you two. Gnarly beach photo.

  2. Really enjoying reading about your cruise to Hawaii! Yes, those sea days make all the difference I think, time to really enjoy. Renting a car was a great idea as well. Next time we cruise on Princess it will be to somewhere WARM!

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Welcome back to the mainland !!


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