Ventura CA 11/9 - 11/13

Looking down at Ventura from the park where the restored Mission San Buenaventura cross is.

Really nice goods at Ventura's Saturday Farmer's Mkt, and posing on the Pier.

I guess Ventura CA is about 60 miles north of Los Angeles, and Ventura is where Tergel lived for two wks while Jimmy and I cruised to Hawaii. Upon our return, we spent several nice days there, visiting with the Jordan's: Fishing Friend Fred (love the alliteration!), Donna & Danny, and Hoyle & Ellie. We ate well, too -- one night Fred grilled trout he'd caught and frozen in Livingston (still so delicious) and the next night Danny grilled yummy quail and chicken. Jimmy & I, Fred, Donna & Danny all camp for a month at Rock Canyon RV Park in Livingston MT and fish on the Yellowstone River. We reminisced about the big ones that we caught and those that got away, laughed a lot, and had a great time.

On Friday the five of us piled into Danny's truck and drove to picturesque Ojai for a look-see, where we slurped coffee in a cute cafe... dodging raindrops as we left. On a cloudy Saturday, D & D gave Jimmy and me the scenic tour around Ventura and Santa Barbara... bought fresh veggies at the farmer's mkt and enjoyed chowder on the Santa Barbara Pier - what a fun day. Donna and I even had an up-close encounter with a resident pelican. Our RV was parked at Fred's and he was kind enough to let us use his home, his space and his washer/dryer! Thank you, Fred! He was even generous enough to share his property's ants!!! (uh... hey Fred - want 'em back? Please!)


  1. Uh oh. Hope you didn't get those new crazy rasberry ants that like to live in electronics...

  2. These guys like to live in the kitchen!


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