And then there's that durned television...

Here's the scenario: We parked Tergel at a C/G near Seattle last June for two wks, sans hookups, while we "did" Alaska. When we returned and moved to a F/H site, the sound on the one-year-old Jensen TV was barely audible. No reason. Picture was fine. Jimmy tried everything the manual said to do; nothing. Then he contacted Winnebago (Tergel's maker) for instructions; no help there, they just install the dang things. He called Jensen (TV maker) and they were of NO help whatsoever. Get this: Jensen no longer has service centers or parts for their TV's (guess they want you to buy a NEW Jensen, heh-heh). Two months later and still on the road, we got in touch with a friend of a friend who's a true TV technician - he and Jimmy pulled the dang thing apart and it was judged non-fixable.

Fast forward to January now back at the condo, and one last hope: Willard TV in Fairhope AL. Jimmy hauled the Jensen to him. Willard said, "I'll see what I can do." Without any help from Jensen (no schematic, no nothing!), Willard installed an amplifier, and NOW WE HAVE SOUND. Thank you Willard!


End of story... we hope.

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