Energizer bunnies, they keep on ticking! 2/22-24

Per the weather forecast, Wednesday was overcast with possible rain. Hey, that didn't stop my sister and me! We elected to ramble over the long boardwalk and anything else we might've missed since our arrival last Sunday at Big Lagoon St Park. No short pants today - jeans and jackets were de rigueur on such a gray, chilly day. The buffleheads, mergansers and ospreys were all in evidence, as well as yellow-rumped warblers, bluebirds and robins. At least these feathered friends offered spots of color! We walked our legs off again, and then when we returned to Tergel, we hopped on our bikes to ride to the Observation Tower. This park is a great place for outdoor activities. Lots to see and do.

Nannie wasn't sniffing flowers. She was examining all the dead cones on this dead pine.
If you enlarge Photo 2, you can see this osprey caught a fine fish for dinner!

In the past few days, the dewberry vines have blossomed - berries ahead!
Only one pretty yellow flower along the sandy path, so I took its picture.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Nannie's husband called to say his Mom (her mom-in-law) would be undergoing major surgery early Friday morning. It being the right thing to do, Nannie chose to return to Baton Rouge a day early. Well, that's just the way plans go - astray! I called Jimmy Wed eve to tell him what was happening... and to ask if he'd like to "take her place." Needless to say, Jimmy was pulling into our campsite Thurs afternoon as Nannie was leaving. BUT FIRST...

Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island. Harmless water snake waiting for a tasty meal to appear.

... she and I drove all the way around the barn to visit Fort Pickens, which is a stone's throw across a channel from Perdido Key where we'd hiked the day before! A boat could've crossed the distance in minutes. No boat; we drove an hour in on/off rain to get there. We needed a lot more time than we had to tour the fort's remains. As it was, we had to turn around almost as soon as we got there so Nannie could get to Baton Rouge before - A) dark and B) big rains.

Nannie made it home Thursday w/o mishap. Her mother-in-law's surgery went well, but recovery will take a looong time. Lucky us - Nannie and me - we had a blast for four days (instead of five) and those four days were THE BEST. We have so much fun together.

Jimmy and I hiked the last day at Big Lagoon, covering some of the same territory as Nannie and me, seeing the same birds, plus the sneaky-snake above. We ate dinner out and enjoyed a quiet evening at home in Tergel. On Friday morning, we took Tergel to her parking place in Daphne. The sun was shining when we left Pensacola, but black skies opened just as we neared Daphne. We caught the tail-end of a cold front - the temp fell from 79 to 63 in a matter of minutes. By the time we were ready to park 'er, the rain had quit.

End of Story!


  1. Dewberries. Thanks for jogging my memory. :)

  2. Like you, I am lucky to have sisters - and time spent with them is always the BEST! Sorry your time together was cut short.


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