When was the last time you visited "Das Boot?"

It's been a donkey's age since Jimmy and I walked the decks of the USS Alabama permanently moored in Mobile Bay. (This is a huge WWII battleship - click on the link above to see the stats.) Judy had never been to Mobile or Battleship Memorial Park, so we decided to tour the park together. We ate first @ the famous Original Oyster House on the Causeway, in the hope that we could work off some of that yummy lunch afterwards. I don't know how much actual aerobic exercise we got unless climbing up and down countless very steep ship stairs (ladders) counts. That's hard on everybody's knees AND hard on some heads if you forget to duck. (me: ow!)

Judy and Nickie @ the USS Alabama

Ready, aim, fire! Judy & Jimmy point and shoot. Good thing all the guns are disabled, esp these long guns that can fire 21 miles away!

Jimmy served in the USAF - WRONG uniform, dear! Comfy, cozy bunks aboard the sub. (pee-yew?)

Galley aboard the USS Alabama... that guy has been standing there a LONG time! Next photo is the way-smaller galley on the USS Drum.

The USS Drum, now parked on dry land at the same Park is open to the public. Go ahead, climb down to see how claustrophobic life would be aboard a submarine. Every inch of space is taken up: I've never seen such an array of gears, gadgets and gizmos (above). Also torpedoes. And bunks inches away from torpedoes - imagine! These guys could neither bathe nor do laundry while submerged. Double pee-yew. I was happy to come topside and breathe in a lungful of fresh air! We all were. And it was a glorious, sunny, spring-is-in-the-air kind of day.

It must take two or three days to see everything at Battleship Park, but we ran out of time. It was fun to visit a hometown attraction with a new friend - what a nice day!


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