Cold Springs Pony Express Station - Fri, 4/20

Cold Springs, Nevada is a blip on Hwy 50. Approx 45 miles west of Austin, Cold Springs boasts a restaurant (inc an all-you-can-eat fish fry on the third Friday of the month - boy, are we full!), a few cabins, and an RV Park of sorts w/ full hook-ups. Nothing else. Cold Springs also has one of the best preserved Pony Express Stations, two miles east of Hwy 50 (see arrow below) - an easy hike thru the sagebrush that we trod on a warm, sunny day. Giddyup!

Construction of this large structure began in late winter or early spring 1860. Built of native rock and mud - it measured 116' x 51' - and had four distinct rooms: storage area, barn, corral and living quarters. Sections of it were fortified against Paiute Indian attacks, and gun ports replaced windows. A nearby stream, distance from other stations, and availability of stone were reasons for selecting Cold Springs. A tiny stream still flows beside it. The structure's remains are fenced to keep open-range cows out!

The station was used by the Pony Express until the fall of 1861. Telegraph communication replaced the need for fast, lean express riders on hardy horses. End of a "romantic"- but very dangerous - time....

We couldn't see it from the hwy, either.

The structure blended in well w/ the surroundings.

Fenced to keep big ol' critters out.

Tiny spots of high desert color. We saw a lot of these lizards, who didn't seem bothered by us.

Jimmy inside the "fortified living quarters."

Inside the blacksmithing and livery area.

Beautiful Desatoya Mountains beyond.

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