Grit for Supper: Arches Nat'l Park, 4/12/12

No, NOT grits. I mean grit! Sometimes you just gotta join the tourist mobs to see the sights that everyone would love to see. This is Arches Nat'l Park in Moab, Utah. Full of people (in April!); spring break is in full swing. 'Tis nice to see families, quite a few with toddlers, out enjoying their national park. Today's weather is sunny, warm, and WINDY!

Except for isolated remnants, the major formations are made of salmon-colored Entrada Sandstone, which turns into sand: Grit for supper! New arches are being formed and old ones destroyed as I type - erosion and weathering wreak havoc on sandstone. No matter - 'tis a lovely day to be out among 'em, admiring the vast landscape of scenic arches, towering spires, pinnacles, fins, balanced rocks, kings & queens, nipples & knobs, cartoon characters and the wide, open blue sky. This is a must-see-to-believe National Park.

Shorts and T-shirts today, at North Window Arch.

Best seat in the house, under North Window, as long as nothing gives way....

North & South Windows, with a buffalo in between? People (enlarge) on right climbing steps to the arch are still far from the opening.

Jimmy, after climbing up to stand under Turret Arch. This one has a satellite porthole.

We saw people atop Turret Arch! Not for us, tho. Beautiful, isn't it?

Jimmy half-way up the climb to Delicate Arch. Very windy here! Smartie's parked under the red arrow. Part of the 3-mi hike involved traipsing thru blowing sand! Pah-tooie!

Delicate Arch: 50 mph blasts of wind at the top nearly blew us over the side! A beautiful Arch to behold, but way too windy to sit and enjoy.

Delicate Arch with dramatic snow-capped LaSal Mtns as a backdrop.


  1. That's about what I think of grits. Pah-tooie!

    Arches is an amazing place.

  2. Anonymous8:04 AM

    wow! Nannie is impressed!


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