I like leftovers - here are some of mine:

I know we didn't have hookups at Lower Lehman Camp in Great Basin Nat'l Park. None. Even the dump station's closed till summer. No phone or Internet service, either. But for three bucks a nite, we consider it a good trade-off. If you can't live without electronics or if you're addicted to the Net, this park isn't for you. As soon as park personnel are assured (like Memorial Day) that nite time temps won't dip below freezing, campground water will be turned on - then the price shoots up to six bux a nite! (These prices are for us golden-agers!) We really enjoyed our three days and nites here.

The scenic drive up to Mather Overlook (9,000'+) was opened on Tuesday and look at this spectacular view of Wheeler Peak. Rain surprised us at our campsite early Tues AM (and everybody else, I think), but skies cleared. When we got to the Overlook, however, tiny snow flakes fell on us.

Weird rock formations near Mather Overlook.

I took this photo somewhere near Delta (in someone's yard!). I snuck in to inhale the lilacs' sweet perfume and get a picture... my favorite spring flower - love it! Just remembered to show this leftover you!

These two proud dudes were courting a group of females near our Lower Lehman campsite.

And this handsome gal (?) didn't seem upset that we took her photo as she strutted across the street.

Apricot trees in front of the Visitor Center - the oldest trees in the orchard were planted by Ab Lehman, the man who is credited with "discovering" Lehman Caves in 1885. Lots of bees buzzing these fragrant flowers.

Pretty, aren't they?

I'd hoped to see the ancient bristlecone pines here on Wheeler Peak, but t'was not to be on this trip. Winter still rules on the mountain - we'll just have to return on a warm summer day!

So, we left GBNP Wed morning, heading west to the Ely KOA. There's a time to be in the wilds and then it's time to refresh and replenish - water, groceries (and dump) - and savor a nice, hot shower! Oh yeah!

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