Inks Lake St Pk, Texas! April 4th, 2012

We left my sister's house in Baton Rouge on Monday, 4/2, heading west ... and barely got in 80 miles on I-10 when the approaching clouds turned from gray to black. We'd watched the storm coming on weather radar. With the wind trying to blow us over and rain hitting sideways, we got the heck off the freeway and hunkered down on an off-ramp. It seemed like the smart thing to do! Besides, it was close enough to lunch time that we could wait out the worst of the storm eating. Which we did.

Our plan was to camp at a state park near Houston, but when construction on an I-10 bridge in Lake Charles held us up an hour, we decided to call it quits at the very nice Hidden Lake C/G in Beaumont. More bad weather was predicted for tomorrow ....

Prothonotary warbler checking out the housing at my sister's place.

Next morning dawned cloudy, hot and humid (low temp 73° - whew!), and we decided to drive toward Austin and camp in one of the state parks in that vicinity. So glad that we stopped NW of Austin to camp at Inks Lake, rather than continuing north toward Dallas, because that kept us out of really vicious storms and tornadoes. As it was, we saw only sprinkles.

Texas bluebonnets! (Lupinus texensis)

Fritillary butterfly at the state park.

Jimmy on the north pier on our fine bike ride in the park.

Tergel, Smartie and Jimmy at our campsite overlooking the lake.

Inks Lake St Park was a happy find. I'll give more detail on the next post. We liked camping on the lake so much that we turned one nite into two. It's quiet, cooler than the Gulf Coast (thank God), with lots to see and do. Lucky us to be out and about when campgrounds aren't crowded. Plus this park has some of my favorite outdoor things: Birds, butterflies, and flowers. And lots of 'em!


  1. Beaumont was the "big city" where my dad used to go for recreation out of Orange. Be sure to enjoy some of that "big city" atmosphere for yourselves.

    1. No can do - you see we're miles away! You talk about 3G and 4G - we haven't had enuf "G" (or any other alphabet letter) to do much online till now. Recreation, huh?

  2. Haven't seen any of those P. warblers yet. Had 4.5" of rain in the last 48 hours. :( Inks Lake looks like a winner. I like your new photo of you two on the left. :)

    1. Recommend it highly if you're in this part of Texas. We're out of Texas for now, tho - hooray!


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