More and more arches at Arches - 4/13/12

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday - shorts and T-shirts. Today is chilly and cloudy enough to rain. In fact, we see virga (streaks of water drops or ice particles falling out of a cloud and evaporating before reaching the ground) all over the sky. The wind isn't as strong, but it feels mean 'cause of the cold. Jacket weather! No matter - we earmarked this day to see some more of the over-2,500 cataloged arches in the Park. The minimum size to be considered an arch is a three-foot opening; the longest - Landscape Arch, pictured below - measures 306 feet base to base. Jimmy tells me a football field is 300' long, which may give you a better idea how long this impressive arch is. Enlarge the second photo to read the sign I photographed and then you'll understand why we couldn't get any closer to take its picture! Heck, enlarge every one!

Landscape Arch.

Enlarge and read.

Looks like this "rock thingee" might be fixin' to attack Jimmy!

Here's where we turned tail on the Devil's Garden Trail because sleet was falling on us. When wet, slickrock (as this is called) becomes just that: Slick rock!

A side trip off Devil's Garden Trail to see massive Pine Tree Arch.

A tiny slot between sandstone fins near Sand Dune Arch. Nope, I didn't get stuck.

Secluded Sand Dune Arch. A sign sez: "Do not climb or jump off the arch." Do you see what I see?

What a sight for sore eyes (rubbing sand out of eyes). So many levels, layers, and colors. Wow!

Part of Fiery Furnace... fresh snow falling on La Sal Mtns... such a fantastic landscape.

Jimmy and I both saw the King and Queen in the left formation. You simply cannot believe how huge these formations are.

We took way too many pictures - every feature took our breath away. Had a tough job choosing pictures to post, but here you have it. We put quite a few miles on our feet in the last few days, in both hot and cold temps (strange...), but regardless of weather, we loved being here - being present - to enjoy it all.

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  1. How cool that there appear to be water droplets on the sign telling how rain water may have been a factor in part of the happening at Landscape Arch! Good catch with your camera! :)


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