RENO! Earth Day, 4/22/12

Jimmy and I decided to ride the Truckee River trail in Reno on Sunday, and ran smack into an Earth Day festival at Idlewood Park. We weren't even aware of the "holiday," but we were happy to join in! We spent a couple of hours checking out all the booths and looking around, and then hopped back on the bikes. The number of people who rode bikes to the Park was gratifying.

One booth featured critters. This is me and my friend, Fluffy the, uh, South American tegu. It liked me. It even kissed my cheek with its forked tongue.

Truckee River near downtown Reno - hot day, lots of people playing in or near the water. The river runs right thru the city and - lucky citizens and visitors - the bike trail follows right beside it.

Spring blossoms grace the city - lovely and fragrant pinks, whites, reds, big trees, small bushes; so pretty. We must be following the spring season as we travel - I like that.

This Shoshone man and his son were part of Earth Day celebration,
dancing a warrior's dance in honor of warriors and veterans everywhere.

Back @ River's Edge C/G, here's a fellow "surfing" the Truckee! Quite well, too. Never saw this done before. Group of three in wet suits spent half a day doing this.

We camped here in the fall of 2010 and had a great time, so it was no contest when we knew we'd be driving thru here again. We like being parked on the bike trail and river. This year we rode from one end of the trail to the end of the line at a RR crossing east of Sparks; 25-30 miles altogether. Reno set a record high (3rd day in a row) and it was a gorgeous, sunny day. After our ride, Jimmy brought out the grill and cooked (Whole Foods) chicken breasts to perfection - a treat we earned! First-rate day!

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