Topaz Relocation Site: Saturday, 4/14/12

After 70 years, there isn't much left to see on this one-mile square. A Boy Scout placed the white signs as part of his Eagle Badge project. On a cold, winter-like day, Jimmy and I walked a part of Topaz Relocation Site. Makes your heart hurt to see this harsh landscape and think about what once was:

"The internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry during WW II was one of the worst violations of civil rights in US history. The government and the US Army, citing "military necessity," locked up over 120,000 men, women, and children in 10 remote camps. These Americans were never convicted or even charged with any crime, yet were incarcerated for up to three years in prison camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards."

Near Delta, Utah, Topaz is one of these internment camps. More info can be found at: http://www.topazmuseum.org/

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