Wow! All Four Corners - 4/09/12

Sometimes we don't know if we're coming or going! My sister might say the word "sometimes" is not quite accurate. Never mind, here we have parts of our anatomy in four states at the same time: Four Corners Monument - the only place in the USA marking the common corner of four states. We didn't know that this remote piece of land was part of the Navajo Nation, but it is. We were surprised that there was a charge to enter the area, and we were equally surprised to see how artistically the monument was designed. Glad we did it!

Part of the commemorative brass marker.

Hands, feet, legs, bottom: Everywhere!

Jimmy's in Colorado and Utah. I'm in Arizona and New Mexico.

Tergel and Smartie are comfortably parked in Blanding, Utah for a couple of nites.


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Your sister would definitely agree that "sometimes" ain't quite right. Try "usually" instead! Miss you! love from Nannie

    1. Ha ha, Nannie! Wish you were here! Love you!


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