Grass Valley... at last - Monday, April 23rd

No longer will we have to hum the song, "California, here I come." We are here! We drove over Donner Pass (elevation: 7239') on Monday, the 23rd, followed Rte 20 down to Grass Valley, and parked Tergel at the Nevada County Fairgrounds for two nites. The journey here only took 3 1/2 wks, which is darned good for RV'ers who are accustomed to all manner of intriguing side trips!

We are in the land of tall trees, esp the towering Ponderosa pine. At 2,500 ft elevation, spring is still with us; it's such a gift to behold the vibrant colors. I don't think I've ever seen flowering dogwoods rivaling the trees here in Nevada County: White, pink, red, yellow - all in full bloom. The same with flowers - beautiful and bright. The air smells as crisp as the spring temperatures. Just right.

Our goal is to look for a home in this area, which sounds sort of crazy since neither of us has ever been here before. But there you have it, and now we plan to look around. The towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City are only three miles apart. Nevada City can get more snow in winter because it's roughly 500 ft higher in elevation. Both towns are picturesque, old gold-mining towns.

Because we don't know how long our quest will take, we needed to find a new place - more reasonable - to camp with Tergel. The fairgrounds charge $30/nite - high for the surroundings. Jimmy found a small "senior" mobile home park where we could settle in for only $350/month, and so we moved. It's very quiet here, and we're comfy.

We got down to brass tacks right away, checking out details with City Hall, the visitor's center, a stop at Grass Valley's wonderful Carnegie library, Safeway, a coffee shop or two, etc., and the local Coldwell Banker realty. We enlisted their help in our search for a home.

Of course, all work and no play is not our style. Sat, the 28th, Grass Valley hosted a car show in their "downtown" streets, which was fun. Lots of flames! Sat and Sun the fairgrounds featured an annual House and Garden show - we attended both sunshiny days, walking and looking, storing info and brochures for possible later need. Alice and Tom drove up from Roseville on Sunday to visit and browse the show with us. Nice to see them again!

In between, we've walked thru other people's houses! Looky-loos. Maybe, just maybe, we'll find one - the perfect house for us. The pictures below are random.

Nice, big ol' trees in the yard of a house we looked at.

Biggest dogwood blossoms on really big trees!

Alice and Tom taking a break in Tergel.

More dogwood blossoms! Yellow ones....

No, I don't remember what year this classic car is. It has flames, tho.

California poppies are in bloom all over the area. Wow!

Jimmy was partial to some cars more than others. This one was eye-catching, for sure!

Pink dogwood near the fairgrounds. Simply gorgeous.

... to be continued...!


  1. I just love California's dogwoods in spring!

  2. So beautiful there in the springtime, and Nevada City is a delightful little town. What a nice place to settle in.

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Looking forward to coming to see you in your new digs! love from Nannie


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