What DO retired people do every day? May 2012

This retired couple finds PLENTY to do! Last week we spent a day in Sacramento, checking out Ikea and RC Willey, Costco (we joined!), and Mel's Original Diner (lunch, doncha know). Had a blast, looking at everything! Picked out a few things, too. Here's a sampling of our week:

Jimmy - multiple times - at a cabinet in Ikea.

An early morning stop at Grass Valley's Grower's Market @ North Star House on Saturday mornings is a definite for us. We also each bought a sweet breakfast treat, but have no photo 'cause we ate 'em as soon as we got them! I tried the mushrooms above (shiitake and oyster) and liked them very much. Half of these yummy things are already gone!


Also on Saturday was the 16th Annual Llama show at Nevada County Fairgrounds. A cool afternoon with rain and/or T-storms forecast, we wore jackets, just in case. The photos below represent only a handful of llamas (plus a few alpacas) who were competing in various categories. Not as in, who's the prettiest or who can spit the farthest, but as in performance. It was fun to visit each stall and see which animals were friendly or inquisitive. Some had their fiber trimmed like you might see on a poodle.

I took a bunch of pictures and a few are downright funny! These animals would nuzzle your cheek if you let them. Jimmy got quite a few "kisses," more than me! We learned a few facts, as well: Llamas DO NOT SPIT, unless they're arguing over food, they've been mistreated, or have not been raised properly [like humans?], or you're doing something that aggravates them, like shearing or trimming their nails, etc.

Nice "do!"

Jimmy with "Major Spot."

Getting a "kiss."

Bad hair day?

Barely six months old, cute! cute! cute!

Rag mop?

And this is Bella, wearing her prosthesis. She stepped in a gopher hole (how ignominious !), broke her leg and was very unhappy. Eventually fitted with the artificial leg, she sprang back to life, so to speak. She even merited a front-page write-up in the Grass Valley Union newspaper. Neat story!


We are lucky enough to buy a house near a spectacular multi-use path alongside a narrow canal... and one day we tackled it on our bikes. Four-and-a-half miles long, this path winds serpentine-like ever so gently up... the incline scarcely noticeable. At one point we have to cross a ravine - as does the water in a huge tube - on a skinny bridge. Just makes it more interesting! The canal water is crystal clear and occasionally we see a small trout! We think being close to the water keeps the path cooler, or at least it feels that way. Up and back is only nine miles, and we felt refreshed at ride's end.

New flowers were blooming and I don't know their names. The broom and native lilac were still in evidence, but they've been joined by the pretty blossoms below.

Colorful ending!


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