At home in Nevada City, California

Well, almost at home... we have the home, just not much of anything in it yet.... We fly back to AL in a few days to pick up our furniture and bring it to our new home by way of a rental truck. This is something we knew we'd have to do and, by gum, tho we're not looking forward to a four- or five-day grind in a Penske truck across the Southern tier of states to NorCal, we're up for it. Be hot, tho!

Right now we have Tergel parked smack dab in front of the house and use it as a home base (on wheels). We'll move it after we return with the rental truck. Tonite we fixed our first meal (using a new recipe - yummy Swiss chard quesadillas) on the excellent gas stove in the new house, and ate in the kitchen at the butcher block table sitting on two bar stools we bought at a garage sale (2 for $5). Very nice!

I'm happy to report we have a much better Internet connection than we had at the temporary site in Grass Valley. I had to go to a coffee shop to add my last couple of postings on this blog.

A bit of a downer for me is the pollen attack I've had all month morphed into sinusitis. Went to a doctor this morning (yes, on a Sunday) and got a 'script, so I will be better soon. Been in "sick bay." At the same time, trying to wash kitchen shelves & drawers, rip out the old shelf paper and put on new with a tissue in one hand and a trash can at my feet was a bit of a challenge. Or doing much of anything.

Nevertheless, we are quite happy to be here!

This pretty bloomer is all over our out-of-control yard. Hypericum_calycinum (Aaron's beard) .

I like seeing foxglove in the side yard. More yellow bloomers (in bud) show below the foxglove.

Lovely gas fireplace in the living room. Back deck spans the length of the house; section on the right is screened.

The deck portion that's not screened.

The previous owner left us these little gems. Jimmy wonders what they're for?
to be continued, you think?


  1. Oh, how exciting. Love the fireplace photo - what a beautiful floor! I don't envy you your drive, but won't it be nice to have furniture? :) Odel and I are awaiting closing on our place - probably a week from today if the pest inspection (today) works out fine. We go look at furniture at least a couple times a week. We buying our bed from RC Willey - most other stuff is likely to be used.

    My cousin has that yellow flower in her yard - I'll get the name for you.

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Remember that white stuff that fell from the sky, back in Niagara Falls? Hmmm. Teach Jimmy the art of shoveling the driveway, see if he likes it! *grin* love from NANNIE


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