Walking on a midsummer's day, Friday, 7/20/12

Such a pretty morning deserved an equally fine walk along our favorite path on the irrigation canal, affectionately known as the "The Ditch." Our pace didn't exactly qualify this as a hike, but we had our moments. This time I took my camera and took a few photos, some of which are shown below.

What a peaceful place to walk! Jimmy up ahead while the photographer lags behind.

Foxglove and fern.

Looking thru the trees at Nevada City on yonder hill.

I've looked in every book and cannot identify this bloom. Anybody know?

Maidenhair fern beside the water.

California Indian Pink.

Sweet pea!

Not much of a take, but these "dark raspberries" were quite tasty. Blackberries are coming along, not quite ripe yet.

Queen Anne's Lace aka wild carrot.
Lovely three-and-a-half mile ramble on the "lower" canal path.


It took us only a little over two weeks of emptying boxes, and both cars fit in the garage! I hope we're not smug - we just do not like living in chaos. Recycled all those boxes, too.


"Mine Shaft"

Every time we drove past the above mural painted on the back of the Del Oro Theater Bldg in downtown Grass Valley (built in 1941), my brain partially registered the meter reader at the bottom who is always on the job. Artist John Pugh's rendition of the Yuba River and a hard-rock gold mine shaft dominates the life-sized, 35-foot-by-35-foot work done in 2006.

Only when I finally saw the 2-dimensional mural up close did I realize the meter reader is part of the mural! He looks real when absent-mindedly seen from a vehicle. Good work! I was amazed!


  1. I always find those kinds of murals fascinating. :)

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    What a great mural! You gonna show me when I'm there? Looking forward! love from NANNIE


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