Cruisin' Down the Truckee - Aug 13th, 2012

Cruisin' Down the River on a Monday afternoon...

"Let's beat the heat, drive up to Lake Tahoe and raft down the Truckee River!" At Tahoe City, me, Jimmy and Matt joined a lot of other folk doing the same thing, and we had a blast! We rented a raft from Mountain Air Sports (our own kayak only seats two) and drifted with the current for five easy miles, with a bit of a fun whitewater "kick" near the take-out point. The Truckee is a clear, cool and fairly swift river, perfect for a two or three hour river outing. What began as a sunny, hot day soon morphed into overcast - which was okay with us - followed by dark clouds. As SOON as we got on the shuttle bus for the return to our car, lightning, thunder and a downpour ensued. We were mighty glad we were off the water by then! Just a quick mountain thunderstorm... Lake Tahoe sits at around 6200' above sea level. We drove to the lake and walked around some, with a wary eye on the sky. I'll post those photos separately. Everyone had a terrific time.

Love these two guys! They're a LOT of fun to be with.

These fellers bring new meaning to "lawn chairs."

Stretching our legs. I dangled my feet in the cool water nearly the whole five miles.

Lovely mountain scenery all the way. Plus - for future reference - a bike trail parallels the river.

A flotilla of fowl following the raft - got crackers?

Oh boy.. whitewater dead ahead!

A splash of blue on the water weeds.


  1. Oh boy, looked like fun.

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Aw heck, wisht I'da been there... glad it was a success! love from NANNIE


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