EXTRA! EXTRA! It’s official: Matt and Jen are engaged!

The affianced sweethearts drove from Los Angeles to NorCal on Friday to spend a few days with their parents – me & Jimmy in Nevada City and Alice & Tom in Roseville. The two towns are only about an hour apart. We’re very excited by their news, and are soooo happy to see them.

Matt and I have lived on opposite sides of the country for such a long time, it’s a pleasure to live not only in the same time zone and the same state, but now within a short day’s drive! While Jen was busy with her Mom on Saturday, Matt came to spend the afternoon with me and Jimmy at our new home. We passed a good time, laughing and visiting.

The West is clamped under a dome of High Pressure and our daily temperatures have soared into the “BROIL” range. Nevertheless, after a few hours of talking, we drove to Nevada City for Matt to get a look-see at the town, and possibly get iced coffees. Didn’t take too long before we quit the hot streets for cool A/C in the car and house!

Hugs all around! So happy to see my son, Matt!

Jimmy and Matt walking on the shady side of Broad Street on Saturday. Look at that tree!

Jimmy and I checking out what's playing at the Nevada City Theater.

Matt eyeing Matteo's menu.

We’ll all get together soon… and I bet we talk about COMING EVENTS.


  1. Oh, what happy news - I know you are so pleased. Maybe they decided to move forward while their two sets of parents are still conveniently located near to each other (and to them)... before you get itchy feet. :)

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    happy happy! love from NANNIE

  3. Yo Dude! Engaged? Narly! Sounds like music from the Wedding Bands will be playing soon and my nephew is soon to become institutionalized. Hehehehe.

    1. How about getting hitched in Hawaii...?

  4. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Excitement reigns ! Hip. Hip. Congrats to Matt & Jen and to the parents, too. GRN


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