Extraordinary Lake Tahoe CA - Monday, Aug 13th (and etc.)

Sculpted by tectonic shifts and glaciers, incredible Lake Tahoe stands at 6,227 ft above sea level. It's America's largest alpine lake and the second largest alpine lake in the world! I can give you a few more facts and figures:

Snowfall has been recorded in every month of the year.
Surface water temps range from 40° F in winter to 70°+ F midsummer.
Below 600-700 ft, Tahoe's water temp remains a constant 39 degrees F.
Maximum depth is 1,645 ft.
Maximum length is 22 miles, with a shoreline of 72 miles.
Here's one really extraordinary fact: There are 63 tributaries draining into Lake Tahoe and only one outlet - the Truckee River in Tahoe City.

After rafting on the Truckee River out of Tahoe City, we drove north following the lake. These pictures were taken in Tahoe Vista on the north shore of the lake. We eventually got into that rainstorm, but not till we were in the car on the way home.

Jimmy and Matt on the multi-use path.

Notice what I'm covering up!

Deceptive sign? Men, yes. Working? No.

Since we only saw a corner of this lake, Jimmy and I plan to return before too long for more exploration. We know this particular area boasts lots of kayak and SUP rental outfits. Maybe we'll launch our own inflatable Sea Eagle tandem kayak here next time in this wonderfully clear water that ranges from a deep cobalt blue to a dazzling turquoise color. Sounds like a great idea!


On Tuesday afternoon, Matt & Jen - with their two doggies - and Jen's parents, Tom & Alice, came up to our home in Nevada City for dinner. Jimmy grilled a couple of pork tenderloins, but we ate inside because it was hotter'n Hades outside. After eating, we spent the evening indoors chatting, and enjoyed the company very much. Matt & Jen stayed overnight with us, along with little Sophie & Maggie, the two entertaining doggies. Nice to have all four of them!

Come Wednesday, we reversed yesterday's agenda! Matt & Jen returned to Roseville to get preparations a-ready for a dungeness crab/shrimp boil, à la Louisiana where Matt learned first-hand how to do this. Jimmy and I followed a bit later with chips and dip. Best crab boil I've ever had. True. Two nights in a row, we delighted in fine dinners with family, lucky us! It was still too darned hot to spend much time outside, so we gathered indoors again, visiting and having a fine time.

I took scads of pictures both days, but you won't see any of them right now. I didn't notice till we got home last night that I'd left my camera in Roseville - how very aggravating! Maybe next week I'll get the camera and post the pics. (sigh...)

So, the newly-engaged couple returned to Los Angeles early this morning (Aug 16th), back to their lives in a new apartment, with new jobs, and a lifetime together to look forward to. We hope to see them again soon!


  1. Oh, I see you have discovered the delights of Lake Tahoe. I have a friend with a "cabin" at Dollar Point, just east of Tahoe City on the north shore. We can walk the multi-purpose trail into town. It is a fantastic area.

    Sounds like great times with family and soon-to-be family, too.

  2. The men may not be working, but they are both cute, so who cares? Sounds like a lovely week for y'all, so glad to hear it! love from NANNIE


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