Here's last weeks pictures! 8/24/12

All righty, then! Yesterday we finally retrieved the camera from Alice & Tom's where I accidentally left it, and combined it with a shopping trip to Costco, etc. Here are a few shots of our very enjoyable week with newly-betrothed Matt and Jen. The first and last pictures are not formal portraits - they're casual photos I took of the happy couple at the crab boil we had in Roseville. Yummy crab boil! We had to eat indoors - not something you usually do at a crab boil - because it was too hot to eat outside. Alice had her table well-covered and protected! Smart lady! The other pics I took at random. Hope you enjoy all of them!

Matt and Jen


Fun looking at "old" pictures in the Nevada City den....

Chatting in the evening, with Maggie perched on the back of the sofa. Nevada City.

Cute little Sophie!

The gang's all here - time to set up the "Cajun Cooker."

Jimmy and Tom kibutzing and trying to stay cool on the patio.

Aha! Crabs, shrimps (not shown) and a lobster - ready for the pot.

Chef Matt places corn and potatoes into the boiler. Everything was delicious.

Are we ready?

Oh yeah, we're ready!


Matt and Jen - beautiful couple!

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