Hike of the Week: Sagehen Creek, Fri, 8/3/12

Enough of the house already! We're pleased with all we've done inside and declare it "finished." Now it's time to play and hike while the sun shines.

We wandered thru forest and sunny glade.

Alongside Sagehen Creek.

Manzanita grows well at 6000+ ft elevation.

The hillsides were covered in "mules ears," which bloom in early summer into a sea of yellow, but very few flowers were left.

We didn't see coyotes in this area, but a passing couple said they did.

The lake! (Stampede Reservoir)

We ate our picnic lunch in the shade not far from this spot.

A rivulet leading into the reservoir.

Stampede Reservoir (bigger than it looks).

Today, we picked Sagehen Creek trail, approx 7 miles north of Truckee, CA on Hwy 89 and almost entirely in Tahoe National Forest. The five-mile R/T trail winds in and out of the forest along a gentle creek leading to Stampede Reservoir - oh boy, a journey and a destination! The hike is known for its wildflowers which peak early-to-midsummer. August is a bit late for showy flowers, but trekking thru the towering Ponderosa pines, fragrant firs and cedars (etc) and sagebrush studded mountains made for a good-for-the-soul hike. A nice breeze helped offset the high 88° temps, and it carried the fresh scent of sage as we traversed the meadow. Wildlife viewing was practically nil -- unlike me and Jimmy, most critters hunker down in the heat of the day! It felt good - great, in fact - hitting the trail again. We had a lovely day... and this is almost in our back yard!

This shows our route:

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    here is my nickel's worth: beautiful! love from NANNIE


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