9/18/12 -- It's a nice place to visit...

...but I wouldn't want to live there!  Or, Alcatraz and all that Jazz.  After picking up my brother, Rus, and his wife, Anne, from San Francisco Airport on Tuesday afternoon, 9/18/12, we made fast tracks to catch the 3:20 ferry to Alcatraz.  Just made it, too.  R and A had a nice nonstop flight from Boston, and they'll spend the week with us in Nevada City.

 Ready to climb aboard the ferry to Alcatraz Island, located in the heart of San Francisco Bay.

The Rock! Salt-laden, cold and windy with a scarcity of fresh water -- what a place! 

Welcome to the Penitentiary? Hmmmm.....

 San Francisco sights and sounds, only a mile and a quarter away -- so close, but sooo far away.

 Yikes! -- Ruthie and Annie IN JAIL.

Dislike the accommodations.

Even the island plants look like an escape deterrent.

Returning to San Francisco, we moseyed on down Fisherman's Wharf till we stumbled upon Bubba Gump's Shrimp House.  Since we were all starving, we stepped right in.  Anne and Rus at a scenic view table, waiting to order.

 We enjoyed a shrimp feast -- shrimps this way, shrimps that way, shrimps every way.

After dinner and the sky long since grown dark, we drove north across the Golden Gate Bridge to our hotel in Novato for an overnight stay.  This Courtyard by Marriott was relatively expensive and to our dismay served no continental breakfast.  Strange!  So I will leave you with that distressing comment and tell you tomorrow what we did for breakfast the next morning.

And isn't this new Blogger editor special?  I seem to have no control over what I want and where I want to put it.  Thanx, Blogger, for another new learning curve (sigh....).


  1. If you don't have an Apple computer, then you should really try Live Writer to write your posts. None of the frustrations of working with Blogger.

  2. you 'bout ready to dump the one you got and get a nice fast new MAC?

  3. Nice skyline photo with Agave plants in bloom. Say, I thought you gave up going to bars? Blogger editor doesn't work too well with Mac and Safari or Mac and Foxfire. Have to look into Live Writer. Tnx J&E


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