9/2 thru 9/4 - well, it certainly has been nice!

A farm, a train museum, and then... a bye-bye for now. But first... on Sunday we four got out early enough to make a prearranged visit to Tumbling Creek Farm, a Certified Naturally Grown farm in Nevada City. We'd met Cliff and Marlene at the Grower's Mkt in Grass Valley, where they're vendors. As soon as we stepped out of our car at the farm, a sheep, two goats and a yard-full of chickens dashed to the fence to say "hello," followed by a dog and two cats. Everybody wanted attention! They got it, too!

We were very interested in their 38-acre farm operation, mushroom growing, and home building (compressed rice straw bales), and we learned quite a bit. They must have a lot of energy to have so much going on! Their garden is huge and includes fruit trees and lots of berry varieties, as well as an interesting irrigation system. Appreciate them taking a chunk 'o time out of their busy schedule to give us a tour. Fine people.

Nannie visiting the Farm.

After tromping around the farm, we drove to the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum. This wonderful and free museum is full of friendly folk who love trains and talking about them. Our guide was the museum curator who gave us a Grand Tour - said we were enthusiastic - including the workshop. His enthusiasm sparked ours (or maybe it was the other way around, who knows?) We spent half the morning at the farm and half the afternoon with trains! We all had a good time.

This neat old thing is Nevada County's first car: a 1901 Jeffery Steam Automobile, constructed by Richard Jeffery, a local steam engineer, property owner, inventor, and superintendent of the Gold Blossom Mine in Gold Flat. He made it at his house and it's considered the first auto manufactured in California. He invented a unique wagon wheel and was issued a patent for it in 1891. Unlike our Prius, this 1901 "buggy" does not look like a vehicle designed for comfort!

If you enlarge this photo, maybe you can read the (funny) ersatz German on the sign under the plaque.

The curator explaining how #13 was built by the museum (train enthusiasts) volunteers in the shop.

Marvelous painting hanging in the museum.


Monday was given over to groceries, laundry and getting the Bullet camper-trailer ready to roll south the next morning. And so, a week after their arrival, my sister and BiL hooked the truck to the camper, and after a big round of hugs, they pulled out. Loved having them visit. Ever notice how time flies? When people you love and don't see often enough are around, you betcha "tempus fugit." Now they're in Southern Cal visiting my son and his fiancé. More fun for them! See you in the spring, Nannie! Safe travels to you.

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  1. Time truly did fly, probably cause we were having fun! And we are now having fun with Matt & Jen. Family!


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