Hiking with the Underwoods - Friday, 8/31/12

My dearest sister, Nannie, and her hubby, "Bubba" - who have been on the road since the end of June - finally made it to our house last Tuesday. They backed their 27' travel trailer into the vacant spot next to Tergel at the Wilkinson RV Park and will spend a week with us - O joy! We've been going and doing, but a highlight of their trip in these parts is a free guided hike in Squaw Valley. As usual, we didn't quite know what we were getting into and got a bit more than we bargained for, but what a great time we all had. Elevation at Squaw Valley is 6200'. The one-hour hike entailed an aerial tram ride up to High Camp @ 8200'. I think the 2000' ride down was even more, uh, breath-taking than the one up. Whew, what a ride! It takes 11 minutes.

So we packed lunches, filled up water bottles, and pointed the Prius east toward the Sierra Mountains. We ate our sandwiches before striking off on the trail (good energy). Hiking at 8200' is a true challenge - gasp, gasp, huff, puff. Our one-hour hike stretched into three-plus hours, when we four decided to continue on up to Siberia Express, a short distance from the Squaw Peak summit (8900'), leaving the guide behind after a mile.

We hiked approx four-and-a-half miles all total, with an elevation gain/loss of 600'. I can report that we were tuckered out when we walked back into High Camp!

Squaw Valley, CA, home of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Me and Nannie!

Jimmy resting up before the hike! Look at the flags: Quite breezy!

Love this Authorized Personnel!

Most wildflowers had withered and died in the dry summer sun, and the landscape seemed to be taking on an autumnal color.

Flutterbys were in abundance on the remaining blossoms.

Gorgeous area.

Jimmy slogging up and up toward the Siberian Express (a ski lift).

Nannie & Bubba getting ready to trudge up to Siberian Express (see red arrow?).

Two little red arrows: Jimmy sitting nearest the camera and the Underwoods walking down the road from the top.

My favorite photo of Nannie.

Can you spot other hikers moving up a trail? (enlarge picture)

How about this aerial tram? Scary, but fun. Notice the gondola shadow? We're headed down from High Camp.

Underwoods & Wilkinsons at Tahoe City.

After loading up the car, we drove the short distance to Lake Tahoe. We stopped at a lakeside restaurant for dinner and coffee, enjoying views of the beautiful blue lake, and stoking in some needed carbs! Didn't get home till dark, just in time to see the full moon rise over Nevada City, and we didn't see one deer on the 50-mile drive home (thank goodness).

What a terrific day!

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  1. Say, we sure did have a grand time! Let's do it again tomorrow!


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