Modes of Travel ?

On Sept 25th, while my brother, Rus, and his wife, Anne, were still here visiting from Boston, we four traveled to South Yuba River State Pk @ Bridgeport.  We did NOT travel in any of the modes pictured below -- our most excellent Salsa-Red Prius brought us here.  When we pulled into the parking lot, we were astonished to find a dozen (plus or minus) "Oldies, but Goodies."  The folk who drive these oldsters were from various parts of the West and were on a tour.  We examined most of them before their owners turned cranks, hopped aboard, and putt-putted up the hill and out of sight.  Everybody's favorite was the bright red 1907 Renault.  


 More antiques

 Still more antiques

 Serious antiques

 Whoa!  Not an antique (yet) - outrageous flames!

More flames - it's a wild child!

Is it harebrained or is it simply innovative?  Laugh all you want.  Flames on our "roller skate" of a car do look pretty funny.  But, heck, seeing this dinky car made people laugh even without decoration, so... why not?  Think of it as a HOT ROD!  Way to go, Jimmy!

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