A different kind of weekend... Nov 10, 2012

Autumn in New York?  No way.  This is autumn in Nevada City, CA.  We prepared for the Alaskan cold front that was fixin' to blow our way:  Wednesday we stocked up on a ton of groceries as though we might be snowed in for a month.  I brought in the few potted plants from the back deck that would NOT like being frozen.  Jimmy freeze-proofed the outside water connections.  Thursday the temperature dropped considerably from the day before, but, while the day was cloudy, no rain or snow was predicted.  It was a fine enough day to be outdoors, so we donned lightweight down jackets for an early morning walk along our favorite canal path.  Figured we may as well get in a spot of exercise before the weather turned nasty.  

Gone is the dry, dusty summer path, washed clean in October by a couple of gentle, soaking rains.  Autumn leaves and pine straw now soften our steps. 

The water level in The Ditch (as it's called) was considerably lower than we'd ever seen it, which made seeing fish much easier.  We saw a dozen or more small to decent-sized trout.  A narrow swath of leaf litter floated atop the rushing water -- a river piggybacked on a river.

 Some trees are holding onto their vibrant autumn colors.


Friday dawned cloudy again, and much colder.  By late morning snow flakes began to fall.  It didn't take us long to throw jackets on and run out the front door!  We were thrilled to watch the flakes float noiselessly to the ground.  Beautiful big fat wet snowflakes.

 Jimmy sez the snow tastes like cold water!

Amazing sight, isn't it?  For those of us who aren't used to seeing snow fall, it was grand.  The flurries didn't last and what did fall didn't stick to the ground.  We figured we'd be safe driving down the mountain to a Grass Valley theater for the new James Bond flick, "Skyfall."  (Entertaining, noisy shoot-em-and-blow-em-up.) 

Then, sometime between dinner and bedtime, we opened the curtains and were completely surprised to see an inch of snow covering the deck... and everything else.  Snow is silent, not like riotous raindrops in the southeast that can bounce a foot high when they hit the ground.  Our outside thermometer recorded 32.5 degrees at bedtime and when we awoke Sat morning (warmer than the 20's predicted), and a light covering of snow remained on the deck.  More off/on snow/rain showers were predicted for Saturday, with a peek or two of sun thrown in for good measure.

A Most Different Kind of Weekend for Us.


  1. Your snow looks just about like ours here in Rocky Point. A little bit fell and it stuck a little and it hasn't melted. Nice. Nothing to shovel! So glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the snow. I only want to enjoy it through pictures! :)

  3. Tell Jimmy not to taste the yellow snow. Gosh, I haven't seen snow in a long time and enjoyed seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing. See your snow was enough for me.


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