Sacramento: Biking to Old Town - Friday, 11/2/12

Today (Friday) began cool, but not so foggy.  It was our day to ride bikes on the American River trail into Old Town.  Yesterday someone told us about "Underground Sacramento," which we thought sounded interesting - even better, it's attached to the Old Sac History Museum.  It really was a lovely morning to pedal the 8 miles into town.  Huge cottonwood trees line sections the American River, their autumn-yellow leaves a sight to behold, many already scattered along the path.

We bought tickets for the one-hour Underground Tour, which began promptly at 12:30pm.  Here again, we learned so much more about the town and the gold rush era that began it all - the tour was well worth it.   "Hidden beneath the city for nearly 150 years, Old Sacramento’s underground has long been the capital’s best-kept secret."

After the tour was over, we spent an hour or so inside the small, but well laid-out museum and then strolled thru Old Town.  Lunch was soup and sandwich at Fat City on Front Street.  We also stopped in a tiny Wells Fargo Museum, but they weren't giving away any gold nuggets.  Awwww...! 

Tergel and Smartie comfortably installed at Cal-Expo RV Park in Sacramento.

 How many of you have seen call boxes?  How many have seen call boxes on BIKE trails? 

 The museum and one of the exhibits:  Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) - celebrated Nov 1/2.

 Sacramento is located in the rich and productive Central Valley, breadbasket to the nation.  Colorful packing box labels are shown above.

The Lady Adams bldg is the only surviving bldg from the Great Conflagration of 1852.

Brannan Bldg.  Sam Brannan is considered the first publicist of the California Gold Rush and was its first millionaire.

 Be fun to ride in one of these -- for at least five minutes, maybe?

Finally, the afternoon waned and it was time to hop on the bikes and ride the 8 miles back to our Home On Wheels.  Clouds had moved in, as you can see in the above photograph of the American River as we crossed it, but we enjoyed our return ride.  In fact, we enjoyed the whole dang day!

Tomorrow:  The Yolo Basin Wildlife area, a few miles west of Sacramento.  O boy!


  1. So, what was the best kept secret??

    1. Their Underground. Because of continued flooding, Sac raised the level of their streets (near the water), leaving the "original" streets and sidewalks below ground - most a whole level down. Lots to tell about in the rubble piles left behind....

      Thanx for asking!


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