11/30/12 -- Hold down the fort, will ya?

We left Matt and Jen's two cute lil' doggies - Sophie and Maggie - at their apartment in Los Angeles while we enjoyed an excellent dinner at Callender's Grill on Wilshire Blvd Friday evening.  Matt left the television on because he said the dogs like to watch TV while they're away.  Jimmy and I thought he'd tune in to Animal Planet, but no, he said they like to watch the Lakers play.  So, the Lakers it was.  I guess maybe the dogs think it helps the Lakers win if they watch:  Bingo - the Lakers won!

We left the remote for Maggie just in case she wanted to watch something else!


  1. She probably switched to Judge Judy when you left! ;)

  2. Anonymous6:26 PM

    AWWWW, she is such a cutie! And I bet she switched to Animal Planet.... love from Bear's gramma.


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