A (damp) Victorian Christmas -- Sunday, Dec 19th, 2012

We'd hoped for better weather, but t'was not to be on this Sunday.  Nevertheless, we'd made a date earlier in the week with Alice and Tom to spend the afternoon at Nevada City's 35th Victorian Christmas.  Each year the town’s picturesque downtown transforms into a genuine Christmas card come to life. It’s a magical setting of hilly streets outlined with twinkling white lights and authentic gas lamps, wandering minstrels and carolers dressed in Victorian attire, and a myriad of visitors sharing holiday cheer and good tidings.  Snow would've been prettier and possibly more hospitable, but we take what we get.  We got wet and we got cold!  That being said, we wandered up Broad Street, looking at the arts and crafts and Christmas treasures, and admiring the period costumes every vendor wore.

This annual, family tradition takes place three Wednesday evenings and two Sunday afternoons in December and features holiday activities for all ages:  carriage rides, live entertainment, savory yuletide treats and libations, and of course, Father Christmas!  Hot chocolate was a big hit on Broad Street this chilly, wet Sunday.  As usual, in spite of the weather, we had a great time.

Tom, me, Alice, and Jimmy ready to party in the street!

Carolers staying dry under the overhang.  Smart.

Father Christmas accompanied by proper Victorian ladies and the cutest little girl.

A very serious young musician - reminded me of Tiny Tim.

Inside the Methodist Church, two lovely ladies perched on Santa's knees

As the sky grew dark, we drove back to the house and put on our own feast -- no, not Victorian; something much better -- a wonderful Mexican dinner featuring homemade zucchini enchiladas (me) and homemade tamales (Alice).  Go girls!  We warmed up quite nicely!  Dinner was followed by a terrific movie on DVD.  Wonderful evening!


  1. So what did you ask Santa for? And more importantly, have you been good?? :)

  2. Nevada City looks pretty nice all decked out. Loved your orange jacket..LLBean? and loved Santa, he was great. Merry Christmas to both of you!

    1. Jacket -- Lightweight down from Uniqlo in San Francisco. Warm and comfy! Merry Christmas to you and Mo!


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