Snow on the Solstice: December 21, 2012

The forecasters predicted snow or rain this weekend, depending on which one you listened to and, of course, where in the overall zone (and micro-climate) scheme of Northern California you were located.  We voted for snow, and we weren't disappointed.  My friend, Fran, who lives across the street usually alerts me when the first flakes fall -- I'll get a one-word text:  Snow!  Donning jacket and boots, I'll scoot out the door for a few photos, as I did this morning.  I took the picture below just after the snow began.   And then, a couple of hours later, I ventured out for more pics, just as the precip was changing to -- ugh, sleet/slush/or something other than snow.

We were nice and cozy inside -- the fireplace keeping our toes toasty, and the entire house, too, as we watched the flakes float to the ground from our windows.  Christmas music played on the Bose.  What a good day to cook!  I baked a cinnamon-sour cream streusel loaf, and spinach lasagna roll-ups.  Jimmy hunted down his gumbo pot and proceeded to make a double batch of his world-famous seafood gumbo.  I guarantee you this house smells good!  The roll-ups went into the freezer.  The gumbo?  Well, you guess!

 Flakes begin to fall on the Solstice (and everywhere else), tho initially it didn't stick.

 Before too long, we'd accumulated about an inch.

 Jimmy in the kitchen making yummy gumbo.  (Me and my umbrella reflected on the den window.)

 A white blanket smothers (I wish) the St John's Wort in our backyard.

 Nope, honey, we don't need the grill tonite.  Good thing!  Gumbo calls our names.

The amazing Red Rose of Christmas.

You would think roses like this one on the back deck wouldn't be blooming in December.  Wrong.  This must be a special Christmas rose for new people in the neighborhood, like us, who still marvel over magical roses and snow and Christmas.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    how wonderful! love from NANNIE


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