Up the California Coast 12-2 - 12/4, 2012

On our way North from Anaheim, a stop in Ventura/Santa Barbara area is just a given!  A visit to friends, Fred and Donna & Danny - our fishing buddies at the Yellowstone River in Livingston, Montana - is a must.  The sky was drippy, but not flooding like in Nevada City, when we arrived at Fred's place where we set up "camp" in Fred's large lot.  (He would return from a trip east the next day.)  On Sunday, Donna & Danny, me and Jimmy enjoyed a loop drive to Santa Barbara and Lake Casitas and back to Ventura despite light rain.  We managed to locate the Ablitt House in Santa Barbara, a very unique house sitting on a 20 x 20 lot in Old Town -- "where less is more and small is beautiful."  I wish we could've toured (tours are free) the inside, but t'was not to be today.  Maybe next time!  Lake Casitas is a man-made lake that supplies water to 60-70,000 people in Western Ventura County and to hundreds of farms.  When we got home from our drive, Donna served up a delicious dinner - thanx, Donna! 

One view of the Ablitt House

Danny, Jimmy and Donna standing in front of the above plaque (and next to the Ablitt garage).

Monday morning (while our friends were picking up Fred at LAX), Jimmy and I took off in Smartie to walk the sands of Port Hueneme and the pier.  The day started off cloudy and foggy, but cleared nicely while we were walking along. 

A lone surfer (in a wet suit, of course).

This guy was busy preening and drying.  He liked having his picture taken.

Port Hueneme pier, with a ship anchored way out past the end of the pier.  Anacapa Island is visible on the right.

A fisherman's catch; he was going to have this thing for dinner.  I think it's a skate. We five had halibut fish and chips at Andria's Seafood Restaurant and Fish Market in beautiful Ventura Harbor Village instead.  I think we had the better meal.... 

Brothers and Funny Guys:  Danny, Fred, and Hoyle.

Me and Jimmy always have such a good time with the Jordan's!  See you guys @ Rock Canyon RV Park in Livingston next summer!

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  1. oohhh! I just love Santa Barbara. Nice to catch up with you! now I gotta go see how you got there...


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