Gangs all Here! @ Nannie & Bubba's in Louisiana - Jan 25-29, 2013

Jimmy and I pulled in their driveway in Watson, LA (outside Baton Rouge) on Friday afternoon.  Weather here is a whole lot warmer than at our home in Nevada City... which is why we're snow birds!  Fran, who lives across the street from us in Nevada City, sent us a picture of our place Sunday... with a blanket of snow all over.  Hoy, glad we're not there!  We always have a good time here at my sister and BiL's.  (Laissez les bons temps rouler as they say in Louisiana.) 

 Grackles greeting the sunrise in Mustang Island TX the morning we left.

 Jimmy, Nannie & Bubba.  Sunday was a perfect day for a bike ride around University Lakes in Baton Rouge.

 Lots call 'em tulip trees, but these beautiful trees are really Japanese magnolias -- already in bloom.

Seen on the bike ride -- pink flamingos:  Mardi gras time!

 Nannie and me!

 When I told this Muscovy duck it was UGLY, the durn thing gave me the fish eye.

 A flock of White Pelicans gathered near the shore.  These two stood out.  White Pelicans have the second largest average wingspan of any North American bird, second to the California Condor.

 Louisiana State Capitol bldg.  My sister used to work there. Used to is good!

Nannie playing with the geese... or geese messing around with Nannie!

 Sunday nite dinner @ Carrabba's.  Gang's all here - Judy, Jim, Shirley, me, Michelle, Nannie, Joe, Bubba, and Jimmy (taking care of business).  Fun time!

 Followed by a sky Full of Moon.  Good nite!


  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    happy times! love from NANNIE

  2. I love the South! So nice to see you warm and having fun with family. Of course, you know how much I love the white pelicans that come back to our lake in Klamath for the summer. Nice to see them doing the snow bird thing as well.

  3. Hubby is from Louisiana. I am from NJ. I, too, call them Tulip trees, not sure what he would call it. Probably just TREE.

    We were in SW Louisiana for a week back mid month. NEVER STOPPED RAINING. Could not believe we were swatting mosquitoes in January.

  4. Sue, you would've loved seeing so many pelicans here, all gathered near the shore where we could get up close. Love being here w/ the family.

    Phyllis, we've heard ALL about that rain. Ground's still kinda squishy here! Dislike: mosquitoes!


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