Yo: A winter's day on South Padre Island, TX - 1/21/13

Time for us to get out of town, and go walk at (and on) the beach!  First, with our bird scope in hand, we found the Birding and Nature Center at the north end of So Padre Island.  This marvelous place had a mile or so of boardwalks, accessible to all, with lots of young and not-so-young folk ooh-aahing over the abundant displays of wildlife.

 Handsome, but looking serious - Reddish Egret.

 Terns, gulls and ducks everywhere!

 A Black-Skimmer:  He flew, he skimmed, he preened - he entertained everyone!

 Three Red-eared sliders (not a two-headed as it appears).

 Another good-lookin' fisherman - Great Blue Heron....

 This guy was just plain floating near a dock, and probably wouldn't mind if you threw it a fish.

 Queen butterfly and a UFO White on a most beautiful flowering bush that was taller than I am!

We were starving by the time we finished up at the Center, and asked a local, "where would YOU go if you wanted a good shrimp po'boy?"  She didn't hesitate: "Best shrimp on the Island are at Dirty Al's, near the bridge."  She was right; the place was packed.  We enjoyed a fine shrimp basket lunch, and I can honestly report that these were some of the best shrimp we've ever tasted - tho I can't say much for the name!

Just one of Dirty Al's clever sayings...!

After stuffing ourselves, we parked at a beach access, donned our windbreakers, and walked along the water's edge for a mile or so.  Not many people on the beach - a few surf fishermen, several runners, and some walkers like us.  We did spot ten or twelve of the blue Portuguese Man-o-War jellyfish-like marine critters washed up on the sand, whose long venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting.  The other picture is a Pufferfish, maybe six inches long.  We watched a fisherman catch this little thing, get it off the hook, and throw it on the sand.  I caught one once off the coast of St Marks, FL, and was horrified to hook something that looked so cute.  Jimmy informed me that this cute thing had barbs.  Well, we didn't like to see it gasping on the sand, so Jimmy gingerly picked it up and hefted it into the water.  Sink or swim, li'l buddy, it's up to you.  The Pufferfish's parting shot was a nick on Jimmy's finger.

We had a lovely, lovely day... and were pooped by the time we got back to Harlingen - we parked our butts, propped up our feet and hit the coffee pot!


  1. Fun to catch up with you and all the birds in south Texas! Isn't it great to be warm?!

  2. Anonymous7:33 PM

    like like like! love from Nannie

  3. Ooooo I loved the butterfly/flower picture. And so many birds to see. Sounds like a fun day to me.

  4. I hope the fish made out OK.

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I liked butterfly/flower pic, too. Hi today in Boston=16. Stay warm. GRN


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