Critters -- of all kinds! First week of February 2013

As we geared up to leave my sister's place in Watson, LA on Tuesday 1/29, she planted this little feller, named Bear (haha), on Tergel's dash.  He seemed quite content to become an RV dog... till we fired up the motor.  Scared him enough to WANT OUT.  He went back in the house!  Bear was visiting with his Mom, Michelle (Nannie's daughter).  I backed Smartie out of the garage, we hooked up to Tergel, and, after our good-byes, Jimmy and I continued East to Daphne, AL (approx 200 miles).

Our first three days (Wed/Thurs/Fri) in Daphne were taken up with getting set up in our campsite, as well as personal business:  annual dental and doctor visits, plus dinners with Jimmy's Mom and Sis.  Jimmy's Mom made us a delish meatloaf dinner Thurs eve and I invited them to our place for turkey soup the next nite.  We eat well!

The Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) trees are blossoming in Daphne!

I gave her an apple, which she's chomping on, and named her Fiona.  She lives next door to where we're camped while in Daphne.  She likes to be scratched, and she is CUTE!

Got anotha' apple?

My brother, Rob, introducing himself.  She's smiling.  He gave her a carrot.  Is that ass-inine?

Camilla's are in bloom all over the south.

Rob, who lives across the Bay in Mobile, came to our place (Tergel) on Sunday 2/3.  He brought his bike, and Mardi Gras beads.  I gave him a pin, which he pinned on his shirt, that reads, "Kale is cool."

Jimmy and Rob, dressed for riding bikes.  Together, these two blinded me!  I rode between the two and never worried about being hit during the brief time we were on a public road!

Me and Jimmy.  We three rode from Fairhope AL almost to Pelican Point, with a stop here at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear to admire the grounds.

Me and Rob at pool's edge.  Uh, Rob, it looks like your head is exploding!

The fabulous Fairhope tulips.  Wow!

We rode 23+ enjoyable miles on the Eastern Shore Bike Trail, and when the slanting rays of the winter sun declared it was time to turn back, we did so -- after 3 in the afternoon, the days really begin to get chilly.  One of us wasn't wearing a jacket....  We always have such fun when Rob is around, laughing and kinda acting silly, but everyone knows laughter is good for body and soul.  The weather was ideal to be outdoors -- what a nice day we all shared!


  1. Head exploding? Water you talking about? A brain without water is like a dry sponge. The wet head is not dead.

  2. Anonymous7:38 AM

    awww, wisht we coulda been along for the ride..... :) love from NANNIE

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    me. too. luv from GRus

  4. Anonymous7:27 AM

    um. that's spelled Camellia. just sayin. love from uknow.


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