EPCOT @ Disney World - Feb 13, 2013 - o boy!

EPCOT opened at 9 am, and we arrived early enough to get a great parking space near the entrance (not long after the Park opened).  We packed a lunch of homemade zucchini bread and home-canned peaches, and left it in a cooler in the car.  Tasted delicious at Noon sitting next to a canal in the shade of some scruffy pine trees.  The sun was already feeling pretty hot.  After lunch, we walked around the World Showcase, stopping here and there to look.  Around 2 pm, humidity-itis struck me full on.  Jimmy bought us each an iced coffee at a coffee kiosk (after I drank enough water to float a rowboat).  Then, we found a shady place to sit (no, not here, over there where the wind is blowing to cool us off), and just people-watched.  Kids are so much fun to watch as they walk along - skipping, or holding onto Dad's hand, bumping into people as they operate their handheld gizmo's, laughing or even pouting.  We critiqued the different colored athletic shoes (we used to call 'em sneakers) - companies are making them oh-so-bright!  About time they put some color onto feet!

I don't know what time it was when we emerged from a shop and glanced at the sky.  We were ready to leave anyway.  It must have been after 4 o'clock.  We'd enjoyed the heck out of our day at EPCOT, didn't buy a thing except two coffees, and our feet still had a mile or so on 'em.  The sky grew darker and darker.

And - hallelujah - it was after we got home and ate our dinner that the black sky let go.  Down came a deluge.  Snug inside Tergel, we listened to the rain beat on the roof.  How cool is that?

Love these colors outside the Universe of Energy ride.

So many flowers to admire!

Artsy-fartsy picture!

Another nice artsy pic - of the Monorail track (lake and flowers!).

Left - The juggler at the Italy Pavilion was on the ball....   Right - I wondered if Jimmy would buy me this trinket, but nope.  Heck, the 18" glass castle was only priced at $37,500. (yikes!)

Happy duo posing in front of Poseidon at the Italian Pavilion.  Love those green shoes!

The belly dancer and the MO-rockin' guys at Morocco Pavilion.

While Jimmy was watching the group above (group? uh-huh), I was taking pictures of the loony duck that flew to this wee water-filled square near where I was sitting. Like it was a big pond!  Then it hopped into the flower area and looked at me expectantly.  I didn't bite....

Now that's a happy man with a nice smile!  He got to ride the NEW Test Trac ride and loved it.  Me, too.

 ... and here's Jimmy's dream car!

You should see these beautiful handmade glass poppies that were created for the Land of Oz garden by Craig Mitchell Smith in his Michigan studio.  Each flower is made of hundreds of hand cut pieces of glass, requiring four days to make each one!  Wow is the only word that comes to mind.

What a happy day Jimmy and I had.  Tired now, and my feet didn't fail me, so tomorrow we shall see what the weather will bring.  Bring on the new day!


  1. You can sure pick out those shoes and socks in a crowd!

  2. I really loved Epcot when I took my grandson there in 2001, or maybe it was 2002, I don't remember for sure, but it was gorgeous. We stayed for the parade in the "World" whatever section at twilight, with all the big puppets, the music and the fireworks. It was not only gorgeous, but incredibly uplifting. Kind of like how you may have felt listening and watching all those stars singing, "We Are The World". Remember that? It gave me hope and optimism for our future. Sorry you missed that, but I hope maybe tomorrow you are going to go back and will see it.


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