Happy Valentine's Day - Feb 14th, 2013

What a difference a day can make!  Today was our last full day at Disney World, and we chose to visit the  Magic Kingdom.  The morning dawned slate gray and we hoped we could get in a few hours at the Park before more rain fell.  Our low temp was 64, and the forecast hi was 65, with a slight north wind blowing - definitely not a shorts and tee shirt type of day like yesterday!  No matter, we were up for it.

  Happy Valentine's Day!

Quite crowded in this park, with swarms of children.  Lots of South Americans are here for their summer vacations, plus schools in some US states have teacher conferences this week, which, when combined with President's Day this coming Monday, makes for a looooong weekend.  Never mind, we were still up for it.  (Holiday weekends sneak up and trap us.)  

Jimmy and I have been in the Magic Kingdom in winters past and never encountered this much crowding, tho many times we were here in January while we were still running.  We reminisced about the marathon he ran in 2002 and the half-marathons we both ran in ensuring years.  All right here in Disney World, racing thru the various theme parks, while characters in costumes cheered us on.  One year it was warm enough to swim in the hotel pool after our 13.1 mile run.  One year at our early morning queue time the temperature was in the 30's.  (Well, come to think about it, sort of like yesterday and today!)  Memories are sweet.

Despite the throngs, we managed to ride our favorites, catch a bit of parade, and consume a box of popcorn each, with only an occasional sprinkle to contend with.  Long about 3ish, however, when a determined drizzle set in, we threw in the towel, so to speak, and made for home.  When we got in, I put away the small box fan and dragged out the small heater.  Such is life, day-to-day!  And then the rain began in earnest!

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