Stuff 'n Nonsense! Last week in February 2013

After all the rain, days and days of drippy skies, the sun finally cracked thru the clouds -- what a welcome sight!  (We could've changed the McGuire Sisters tune, "Sugar in the Morning," to Thunder in the morning, Thunder in the evening, Thunder at Suppertime!)  With all that blatant sunshine, Tuesday morning we took off for Fairhope and, as usual, ended up on the Pier.  A cold front had pushed the clouds south and east, and that meant chilly temps and WINDY conditions for us.  Not many people were Out and About, 'cause that wind carried a bite!  Mobile Bay was a strange brown/gray color, with lots o' whitecaps.

 This Pier is nice and sturdy.

 Even the flagpole was bowed in the wind.

We pretty much had the pier to ourselves.  

After this one brief burst, these laughing gulls beached themselves on the pier.

 Only two pelicans aloft, wheeling in the wind on their 6-8 foot wingspans.

 How crazy!  It's almost March.  Someone should replace the snowman with the Easter Bunny!


Back at the "ranch,"  I offered my favorite donkey some celery.  She wasn't sure about it.  She sniffed, she tasted, she chewed for a bit, she spit it out.  Bleah!

No likee celery!  What else you got?

How about an organic carrot?  We know you like carrots.  Gimme!

Tergel and Smartie at our "campsite" while in AL.  According to this bloomin' azalea, it's springtime!

We'll be leaving Alabama on Sunday.  Time to head for our California home, tho we'll take the slow route.  Spending time with our family is why we're here.  Funny how when you get to a place, it seems like there's all the time in the world, and then suddenly the time to leave draws near.  In the next few days, we plan to pack in as much family time as possible before hitting the road, our noses aimed west.


  1. Your donkey quotes made me chuckle. :)

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    c'mon over and we'll find some more adventures to experience! love from Nannie


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